What others have to say about me…

“Little is known about Mykii Liu. Much of what we know has been pieced together from interviews of those who claimed to know him, newspapers, rumors, and the writings of ancient Maori Holy Men. As near as we can tell, James “Mykii” Liu was not born, as a traditional man would be. Rather, he was willed into existence by the Gods of Creativity. He arrived on this planet not as a child, but as a fully formed man commissioned to simultaneously transcend the visual medium of photography as he redefined it.

Though blind when he entered this world, he taught himself to bend time and space, transfer it into his mind and then recreated it on film. He now sees not only the full spectrum of light, but 4 additional colors not visible to the human eye. Rumor has it that he is working on the fifth.

His work has covered a broad range of subjects, from family portraits to his most recent work as the Pope’s wedding photographer. His work is noted for capturing the fourth dimension, noting a single moment of transient time and bending it back upon itself over and over until reality collapses in on itself and only a still image remains to document an existence that once was but can never be again. It is rumored that he once traveled back in time to photograph the fall of the Roman Empire, and that once he photographed the sound of one hand clapping. He has stated that all time is before him as one great “now”, and that he can capture a picture that the precise moment because in his perception that moment has happened for centuries while never having really existed at all.

Virtually nothing is known of his personal life, and what is known is often conflicting and raises more questions than it answers. He has identified himself to be Asian and once claimed to be able to find Taiwan on a map of Africa. No less than seven supermodels, as well as the Queen of England, have claimed to have been secretly married to him. Barack Obama, Bill Gates, and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad have all claimed to be his father. Legends exist that an entire colony of lepers was cured by a single one of his tears. He is rumored to be so potent that women have become pregnant simply by being on the same continent with him. A temple in Nepal is dedicated to him and the Monks who live there speak only a singe word– “Cheers.” Who is Mykii Liu? A traveler of time and space? A prophet of an alternate reality? A bad-ass photographer with a unique visual aesthetic? He is what this world needs him to be. James “Mykii” Liu.”

-Bradley Sims, Esq.

What I have to say about me…

J. Mykii Liu- Photographer

That’s typically what I’ll say to you when you meet me, followed by either a flying high five to the face–if not your hand– or, a rather boring but firm handshake.

I’m a photographer by definition. That’s not what I would personally claim to call myself– mainly because anyone who owns a camera calls themselves a photographer these days. I’d say I’m a creative. That outlet that I use to be creative typically is my camera.

People. You ask what I shoot? I shoot people… for money.

I’ve lead an exceptional life full of amazing experiences that have taught me to both learn and to love. My enthusiast dedication to technology and fun has led me down a path that has crossed over the ethereal realm of technology, through the colosseum of sports, around mountains of the outdoors, into the deep garages of mechanics and seated me at the homes of the humble. The passion I have for fun, great relationships with awesome people, learning, and sharing keeps me energized and optimistic in all I do.

Take a picture? Repair a computer? Fix a car?
Strategize a war on your sibling and document it with pictures?

I can help with all of that.

Published Works

Published portrait of Daniel Graham in High Rise Life Magazine, July 2017
Published portrait of Rin in Dark Beauty Magazine, February 9, 2017
Published portrait of Kelsey Jay in Dark Beauty Magazine, November 2, 2015
Published portrait of Renee Robyn in Dark Beauty Magazine, October 31, 2015
Published portrait of Annie Bergmann in Dark Beauty Magazine, March 30, 2015
Published portrait of Rin in Dark Beauty Magazine, March 20, 2015
Published portrait of Rin in Dark Beauty Magazine, March 10, 2015